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Service is our top priority and most critical carefulness. Our engineering constantly examines recommendations to maximize your performance. 

We put all our knowledge and effort to reduce downtime with a well-trained team, quick response and 24/7 availability.

Remain competitive with our innovative services and solutions that help you become more productive and less expensive by reducing the service cost.

High-qualified customers support engineers.

About Us

Y.Singer was established in 1994 in Israel. Our mission is to reduce service costs and improve customer satisfaction by excellent response times, professionalism and service oriented methods.

Our goal is to be a significant supplier to the Semiconductor and medical Industry by representing well-known leading manufacturers of systems and consumables. Y.Singer full range includes Sales, Service, Repairs, Calibration, Maintenance and Application Support. Y.Singer wants to make sure to cover all the needs of their customers at any stage of their


Service is our primary goal, to provide the best support to our customers, on-site or remote, by phone or by email, in video calls, with a skilled and professional team with a high sense of service.

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